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A downloadable RPG exterior pack

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News !

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Pack content

  • Super Retro World : Exterior pack

  • Exterior environments for your RPG games 
  • Tiles count : ~1000(16x16)
  • Animated doors + firecamp
  • Autotiles animated water + waterfall + roads
  • Tilesets ready for RPG Maker



✔️ You can :

  • Use the assets for non-commercial & commercial projects !
  • Adapt and/or modify the assets to match your project.
  • Credit me ("Gif") with my Twitter : @gif_not_jif

❌ You can NOT :

  • Distribute or sell those assets directly (even modified).
  • Claim the asset yours.
  • Use the assets in an crypto / NFT / meta related project.

Whole collection !


100% FREE

Essential bundle

Characters bundle

Dungeons bundle

Biomes bundle

Unity bundle

About me

Updated 5 days ago
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker, Unity, Godot
Tags16-bit, 2D, asset, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Retro, Tileset, Top-Down
Average sessionA few seconds


Get this RPG exterior pack and 2 more for $19.99 USD
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Version 54

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(1 edit)

Hi there, 2 questions. I can seem to find these grass cliffs anywhere, can you hope me locate them? Are the waves for the beach animated? I can't find these anywhere either. This reference image was included in your screenshots

Hello, I am going to be honest that it is not the best feeling for someone who bought ALL of your packs (mostly for support since i did not need them at the time but they were beautiful), now that I actually need to use them in Unity I am being forced to re-buy them on that platform.

Action point: Please upload the .unitypackage file you uploaded to the unity store as an additional download option to all the assets. You don't need any unity keys or anything else you mentioned in other comments for this. 

Hello c-karaolis,

Well, the content you buy from itchio can be used in any game engine, even Unity. I have packaged a version for the Unity Assets Store but it's the same assets to begin with.

I can take a look for an additional download option, yeah :)

Hi, thank you very much for considering the additional download options. Mostly is for the assumed convenience of setting up the tilemaps with autotiles and such things that I always find so hard to set up on my own. Yes I am artistically impaired and its not your fault. Your assets are amazing so thank you for creating them and sharing them with us!

Hi Gif, I really like your tiles and art. I bought the complete collection on itch and I was wondering if there was any way for you to send me the auto tiles. Any way that you could would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

(1 edit)

So glad I got the complete package, never been so instantly captivated and enthralled by an asset pack - you see the phrase "enough to build your entire game" thrown around a lot and I'd grant that to a few but this collection is the true embodiment of that. Not only that but the quality of art is incredible everything looks ridiculously good, seriously - thank you for making this available.

The Demo is gorgeous too, does a great job of showcasing the assets and gave me some great inspiration.


Seriously an insane job i bought the full pack

but i have a question all have 16X16 32X32 and 48X48

Except the Exterior pack. Is there a reason or will it be available someday?

Thanx Alot

Hey mate,

Thanks ! Oh, that is right. It's because this package, along some others (with free and paid version) are packaged with a specific script. I've forgot to include a scaled version of the atlas in those.

Do you need it ? 

that would be awsome in 32x 32

First off I want to say I love the pack, I got the bundle, it is easily one of my favorites. Secondly I am using Unity to make a game with it, which I just now saw the pack for this in unity itself. I was wondering if I needed to purchase it a second time to get the integration to make it more easily used with Unity. The last question is if you have the palette for these, I want to make more assets for my game but want them to match the palette. Sadly color matching like that is not something I am good at.

Hello Karinth :) Thanks you !

Regarding your questions :

1/ and Unity are 2 separate bundles indeed. It is way better to use the Unity bundle if you are using this engine, mostly because of the autotile integration, tilepalettes and the all-in-one assets included. Unfortunately I have run out of download keys for the Unity package (12 a year only), but I can send you some cash back if you mail me your Paypal (my mail is pixelart[dot]asset[at]gmail[dot]com)

2/ If I'm not mistaken, the color palette is present in most of the global atlas.png files (one for each package). Let me know if you find it (it's right next to each title section) :


Thank you so much for the reply. I will just buy it again, or upload it a different way since I do not use Paypal. 

I also feel dumb for not seeing the palette.

Thank you again!

Anytime, mate :)

hi, i bought this pack a bit ago and saw in the screenshots that there is an old cliff texture that looks to be made out of dirt instead of rocks, and i can't find it anywhere in the pack and i also cannot figure out how to download an older version of the pack. Do you still have this asset laying around? if so, i would really like a copy!

Hello laugexd,

Thank you for you support ! Indeed I have updated this asset long time ago. I'll make a update version soon with a dirt cliff :)


do you have any plans to make some tool buildings like Furnaces or Forges?


Oh that's a good idea, noted for this month !

I am learning to make games currently and am very new so maybe I am just looking at it wrong. I bought the 50$ bundle and I am trying to use Game Maker Studio 2 and it looks like the tiles needed for their auto tiling is not in these auto tile sets. Am I looking at it wrong or does GMS2 do auto tiling different?

I think you are fine overall, but I didn't prepared autotiles for Game Maker Studio 2. I can take a look at that this weekend to generate a bunch of them :).

Its alright I ended up going back to RPG maker MV cause its just more my jam lol but that would be cool for other people

(1 edit)

Love your work, I just purchased the whole bundle! Do you happen to have the tilesets in 32x32?

Hello mpackes :)

Thank you for your support !

Tiles are 16x16 in size by default. However,  They are scaled up for rpgmaker softwares :

  • VXace : scale x2 (32x32 tile size) in /rpgmaker/vxace/tilesets
    • Maybe that's a good start for you there.
  • MV/MZ : scale x3 (48x48 tile size)

Let me know if it's ok for you 👍

That works, Thank you and keep up the good work!

Deleted 337 days ago
Deleted 337 days ago

Hello bgrizzmayne :)

Right now (on itchio) autotiles are shipped for rpg maker, indeed. Maybe those I did for the Unity version will fit your needs. Any @ mail ?

thanks gif : ) my @ is 

I've purchased the entire Super Retro World Set (let me know if i need to provide an itch receipt to you).

The versions you did for Unity will work with TileD I think. Not sure how animated tiles will work, so if you had the frames laid out separate, that'd be awesome. (kinda like the time fantasy set) 

Something like the below, but with animated separated. If not, I might be able to convert the ones from RPG maker and lay it out by hand in Photoshop. 

Thanks again : D

I've purchased your assets, looks great.
I would really need the Unity version autotiles, can you send them to me? My email is

Thanks in advance!

Hello konditorei :) I'll try to make it happend if I have download keys available

(1 edit)

Hello, I purchased the pack (on Unity asset store). I really like it, I was wondering if you plan to add animation to the water tile that you use in your forest example? I really like the river tiles but they are static atm.

Thanks. Please keep up the good work.

Hello liolyne :)

Okidac I'm adding that on my todo list ! However it probably won't be through autotiles since those are limited to 1 tile large (here 16x16) where the water you mention is bigger (32x32 I believe ?). So I'll draw frames on a spritesheet you'll need to split and animate yourself (much like character sheet you know) 👍

(1 edit)

Cool ! No worries about auto tile (I prefer manual tiling instead of auto tile for a more organic result and not the same repeated square shape) For the animation part, I can split the sprite sheet and add it to the palette myself. I could probably done a sprite sheet myself but I really do suck at pixel art for now :) Also really like the tile of the river border not going into straight line, if ever you do add those to the asset pack, would be great but I have asked too much already and really appreciate your work.

Here's the spritesheet of a 48x48 4 frames animation of the water tile you've mentionned :

it's a ping-pong animation :

I'll add it for my next Unity update but you can already play with it :)

That looks amazing. I don't know if there is compression on the images on so I might wait for the next update. Thanks for the quick work ! Really appreciated:)

Okidac :)

(1 edit)

hello, i recently purchased your complete pack and i love it! however, i'm having a small problem - it appears to be that some of the tiles are built to take advantage of rpgmaker's autotiling system. however, i am using these assets in srpg studio, and i'm not quite sure how to get the 'implied' tiles to where i can use them, since i'm pretty sure srpg doesn't have a similar autotiling feature.

Hello  zazozaliad :)

This weekend I'm adding a bunch of files in the exterior-pack and dungeon-pack regarding the Godot engine (within \godot_autotiles\ folder) : this might helps you but it's not quite a SRPG tileset of course. Can you send my 1 or 2 samples at pixelart.asset [ a t ] gmail dot com so I can export my assets in their format as well in the future ? Thanks !

thank you so much!! I'll send those samples asap, I really appreciate your time  & look forward to anything you plan to do with super retro world in the future 

(1 edit)

Does the entire beyond just exterior set play nicely with RPG maker? I see that they're 16x16 but wasn't sure if rpg maker mz / auto tiles were included in all versions, or just some of them  

Hello bgrizzmayne :)

Each of my packs are setup for rpgmaker vx, mv and mz. Not all version contains autotiles specifically but there are tilesets files in each of them.

If you encounter an error or if you have a question, I'll fix it :). Updates are schedule for the future 👍

Thanks for the reply! are there any castle tiles?

Closest one I have is dungeon tiles at the moment :)

Castle could be my next pack, I'll think about it !

Hey i have a question, is the tiles for the portal seen in this screenshot available anywhere? I cant find it in any of the packs i got in the collection.

Hi sephiroth976 :)

There are indeed a bunch of legacy tiles tjat didn't make it to the current version. I'll try to fix that soon 👍

That would be great, the portal looks really good and il probably need something like it at some point so i hope you make it available.

I will :)

Hi, The link to the unity store is not working and I was not able to locate the art searching by myself. Can you help me, please? 

(1 edit)

Hello bittar,

Does this works for you ?

Yes, it does. Thanks a lot, will buy it.
Just out of curiosity, why the price in Unity is way more expensive? Can i buy it here and use the files in unity? 


(3 edits)

Thanks ! Here are some clarifications : bundle base price is $39.99, down to $19.99 for  current summer sale. I can manage the price as I like here.

Unity bundle base price is $49.99 (a bit higher than itchio since it require a lot of work to setup the Unity package, autotiles and so on). I can't manage the price directly (well, I can, but only a few times a year). It's the Unity Asset Store who decides the sales. I may be included in the Unity summer sale too in the next few weeks but it's not up to me :).

Yes you can buy here and add the files in Unity, but you won't have the autotiles setup (which requires Fang Unity package) neither the tilepalette prepared, or the sample map. Check the lasts screenshots in the Unity store webpage and judge by yourself 👍

Thanks a lot!

Hi, I just purchased the bundle and love the art, but am i able to use it on Unity?  Whenever I try to load the page, it says !!! Failed to render view !!! Internal Server Error -- but when i go to the store and click on assets from other users, their assets seem to load okay.  Any ideas? Thank you.

(2 edits)

Hello dangerdanmann,

Have you bought the package from the Unity asset store ? You probably need to import it with the Unity package manager I believe :)

The bundle from the Unity asset store is organized specifically for Unity (packaged files). On itchio however, the bundle only contains flat png files and can be used with any game engine.

need help im using rpg mz and every time i place some thing near something else it cuts part of the cliff out and same with trees

Are you putting them on the same layer ?

some work on same layer some dont 

Could you share a screenshot as an example ?

I would like to ask, if I buy in Unity, will I get the update in the future?

Absolutely, but updating the Unity pack is a bit slower :)

Thank you. I've already purchased your art.


I wanted to let you know that I have finished a story that makes use of your assets. It's still needs to be proofread but I don't think you'll mind ! If you want to take a look at it it's here :

(click  次 at the bottom to chang page)



Hey Drdru123 :)

I like it ! Well I don't read japanese but it seems pretty cute to be honest.

Thank you for sharing this with me. If you need more content, let me know 😇👍



> If you need more content, let me know

If by this you mean some suggestions to easily enrich your packs, I have two of them   :

- some non uniform grass tiles would be very welcome. It can subtly fill a scene adding new elements.
- I also found that there are no tiles to allow level changes that are not some sort of plank going up or down. I have managed to create some by rotating some of the tiles of you pack but that's a hack and some combinations did not look good.

Both suggestions are illustrated in this picture :


Thank you for this reply, I'll think about it for a future update 😁

The assets looks like they've been updated! Does this mean I'll have to re-download them if I want the latest version?

Hello EO Comics :)

Indeed I'm working on most of my assets to update them (mostly reorganisation of tiles + a free version). Sorry if it spams your feed, take a look !

(1 edit)

Hi, beautiful set, thank you for putting this together!

Is it possible to reproduce the first screenshot using this tileset? I'm just not seeing how to create curves that smooth with the shoreline tiles that have been provided.

Also, it looks the rpgmaker folder has included a file called animated_autotiles.png that doesn't seem present in the other folders. Judging by the water texture, this file should be part of the exterior dungeon set instead of this one?

EDIT: Also, the animated doors & fires are only in the rpgmaker folder?

Hello Rokiyo,

Thanks ! Some screenshots are not tile based : it means (if you are using RPGmaker) you need to create the map within an Image Editor, then import it using parallaxing.

The water animated autotile was originally made for dungeons, yes, but I decided to add them also in this current pack, since some match with exterior environments. I think I need to clean the folder organisation a bit, I'll take care of that soon !

Which engine are you using by the way :) ?


I'm using Godot, which is why I was confused at some stuff only being in the RPGmaker folder!

Speaking of which, I tweaked autotile.png to make it a little little more flexible: These extra few pieces have made the set *much* easier to use!


(happy to send you an unskewed version if you wish)

Waoh nice ! 

Yeah I definitely need to be more rigorous when it comes to autotile format.

I'd be happy to use your tweaked version as an example to create my own. I need to test it on Godot too ! (send it at Thank you :)

I'm currently working on a Unity package, but I'll add Godot to the todo-list as well :)

Hi, it's a beautiful set, what image editor do you recommend to create those smooth shorelines?


Hello Oreborous :)

Thank you ! I draw with Aseprite. The trick is to  divide a tile to break the 16x16 grid and render smoother environments.

Hello, I bought this asset because I thought the first screenshot was possible too. 

I'm using construct editor. I probably do my own tilemap based on your work to fit this aspect cause I really wanted to have a map like the first screenshot... No boring square based ;)

Hello, I purchased your material resources and made a game independently!

Your webpage address is marked on the webpage!


Great ! well done :)

(1 edit)

seems like the rpg maker folder has been created with the MZ version in mind only (48x48)  ... u_u?

Hello Arufonsu :)

Which version of RM are you using ? VX maybe ?

(1 edit)

using both, XP and VX for styling, MZ uses dimensions of 48x48, while XP and VX uses 32x32.
Regards :3


What wonderful art! Thanks for all the work you and the other artists have put into this collection. Hope to see more of everyone's talent!


Thanks, Dannflower :) !

More to come soon !

I bought one of your dlcs from Steam and have to say love your art but on itch its so tricky to know what I already own and stuff but would love to buy this bundle, looks very cute! but then again soon i have too many dlc packs and i wouldnt have a clue where to start with whose dlc pack to build a game! Fantastic bundle though!

Hello Bollehopp :),

Yeah it's a bit slower to deploy on Steam since I need to work with a third party (Degica, the RM publisher). You'll find everything here on btw.

If you want to get the complete bundle, I'll refound you the exterior pack you bought on Steam, of course !

Hi thats very decent of you! I have to say I even forgot you existed as I have been looking too much on cutsie pixel tilesets, the style you make and finalbossblues, you and GeuttyKrum seems to make such fantastic packs but now all your styles have been blended in together almost .. AND I do notice that people tend to copy your styles and I dont blame them I would copy your style too .. there was someone called ClockworkRaven here on itch and he had fantastic tilesets too .. Its too easy to get hyped up about lovely pixelart .. but soon I have enough to start making something.. I should really buy this bundle though as its huge value for money and you make lovely art.

Everyone is doing the same thing ? Then maybe I should try another pixelart serie then (with a new style), hehe :)

Yeah you really should.. Can I give you a tip? Make a non cutsie one and make an almost realistic one.. I mean start with kitchen tiles make knife sets, pan sets, coffee makers.. stuff like that.. notes on fridges, fridges.. different carpets .. chef characters waitresses ..  a cafe tileset a restaurant tileset, an outside restaurant cafe tileset .. xD Do i get a free pack now for my awesome idea? 

haha, maybe I'll work on some inn furnitures, yeah :)

how do i use this in rpg maker I'm really struggling is there a video that you recommond i watch

thanks sorry to be a pain 

omg i found im just dumb lol i love this set thank you xxx

<3 you got this !

do you have a pack with any playground equipment and\or bigger building for inns for example 

thanks for the support

(1 edit)

hello Rottenmundaes :)

Not yet but I'm working on it for my next pack. It will features interiors + exterior of a city (inn, armory, marketplace, ...)

Hope it will fit your needs ! Any specification you'd like to share ?

okay awesome thanks for replying again, i don't have specifications that i can think of just some play equipment and maybe a farming bundle.

as i haven't been able to find a farming pack that fits with your style of art (which i love by the way)  

What's the point of using a zip for 1 image?

(1 edit)

Hello magicite,

The archived package contain several files. Did you have a trouble with the download, maybe ?

The free one?

I didn't realised you were talking about another pack lol.

Well yes then, it's not really necessary, but it's part of my process.

Hiya there was like an error in at least in Super_Retro_World_Exterior_pack_week20, i noticed some odd blank tilesets but tileset f and tileset g .. I am glad I noticed this but I hope I can import it to rpg maker easy as tilesets in rpg maker are tricky

(1 edit)

Hello Bollehopp :) and thanks for noticing !

Indeed, there are too much files in the /rpgmaker folder. It's due to my production script that automatically split the atlas_48x.png file into 768x768 tilesets. The atlas is so long that if produces too many tilesets !

Don't worry, those tilesets (F and G) are empty and not usefull. You can import B to E with no issues :). I'll fix that in the future if I don't add more tiles.

Have a good day !

Hi Guy, Nice work!

Can u help me adapting the GMS2's 16 autotile? 


Hello Zhanghua :)

I don't own GMS2 which means I don't know how they handle autotiles :(

I'm not sure it I can help. What's the problem ?

(1 edit)

The GMS2's autoTiling is this 16 tiles' stuff. So I have to fill the missing 3 blocks by changing your origin image now.

But it needs your professional work whatever. Thank you!

Hello Zhanghua,

I'll try to find time to produce that kind of new tiles but I can't give you a delivery date right now.

Anyway, you did a good job with the editing in your example, so I'm sure you'll get it to work until then :) !




The gms2 is free for using now  except exporting app but can running game in test model.

(1 edit)

Hello Gif

May I use this pack in my commercial projects if i buy it ?

yes !

Deleted 1 year ago

Hello X0e :)

Looks good, keep going !

Why not bundle all asset's together in 1 bundle. Not sure who has what. And what I may be missing out of.

Hello CapnWakka :),

Regarding coop-bundle :

Those 2 bundles cover 100% of our paid packs (the remaining free pack is here : FREE RPG asset tileset interior pack by Gif (

This asset pack serie is not yet completed : we'll surely merge everything into a unique bundle once done !



This pack is fantastic! Have you considered adding more beach/shore tiles? For instance, having waves that face left, right, and up. Also, I was wondering if you could include a version of the ocean shore tile without the sand? That way you could put it on top of other terrains and rock faces. This is the tile I'm referring to:

Hello StuffingPuffin !

Thanks a lot for your feedback ! I'll make the smalls adjustements for the wave tile so you'll be able to progress :) (probably this weekend).

Yes!!! Sorry for the late reply :) Thank you so much!

No problemo, have a nice Sunday !

Hello StuffingPuffin,

I've added some stuff regarding your request. Does it match your needs ?

Have a good weekend !

Deleted 2 years ago

Hello X0e :)

Thank you so much ! I recently change my computer so I didn't maintain Unity in my packs. Is it ok for you to import the asset yourself ?

Have a good day !

Deleted 2 years ago

If you could upload the Unity tile pallet again it would be great I'm getting errors when I create a tile pallet my computer isn't rendering them properly 

Hello X0e,

Do you have trouble in game mode ? Maybe you didn't installed the pixel perfect camera.

I'll add the unitypackage this weekend to give you a hand if it's just a setting issue.

No its just I'm not able to slice the image perfectly enough, and when I access the tile pallet thy are displayed on top of one another and are undistinguishable 

If youre able to upload the unity tile sets for the rest of the packs lmk :) 

Will do for every pack tomorow :)

Hello X0e,

I have updated most of my pack with a unity package. Hopefully it with helps you :) !

Enjoy anyway !

Your twitter link is broken by the way.

(2 edits)

Thanks :) I've made changements today, seems I've missed something !

Hello! I've bought all of your packs, and they are great! I have a small wish coming from you. Can all houses in all packs have two versions; one with opening door and the other with closing door? Either way, thank you for this packs!

Hello JavalBrutal,

Thank you so much  !

I'm adding that to my todo list :).

Can the animations come in 48x tile size?

Hello skicky_nicky,

I add that to my todo list :).

Thank you, also if the other packs in your bundle could also have it, it would be appreciated, thank you.

Alright, I will transfert your request to the team :).

is there a tutorial to add to rpg maker

Hello Neoff,

Are you looking for this kind of tutorial : Youtube ?

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