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A downloadable RPG dungeon pack

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Pack content

  • Super Retro World : Dungeon pack

  • Dungeons environments for your RPG games
  • Tiles count : ~600(16x16)
  • Many ground textures and animated waters / lava (with variations)
  • 7 animated chests,  16 animated torches, 8 animated cristals, 4 animated doors, switches, traps, ...
  • Slimes, skeletons, zombies and ghosts (walk animation with color variations).
  • 3 heros (walk + sword attack animation)
  • Kart !
  • Tilesets ready for RPG Maker



✔️ You can :

  • Use the assets for non-commercial AND commercial project.
  • Adapt and/or modify the assets to match your project.
  • Credit me ("Gif") with my Twitter : @gif_not_jif

❌ You can NOT :

  • Distribute or sell those assets directly (even modified).
  • Claim the asset yours.

Games with Super Retro World assets

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Online demo


Exterior environments

Dungeons environments

World maps

Characters & monsters

Other game assets collection from us

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Get this RPG dungeon pack and 11 more for $24.99 USD
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Development log


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I bought your collection like a while back. The only thing I'm missing is some monster sprites! Any chance you will do a monster pack(action rpg style) like with 4 directions, attack etc. ? That would make it complete! Or do you know of any that could match with your tile sets? Thank you!!

I am a new developer using game maker studio 2 as my development engine for now. Thank you for this awesome pack to get me started. I will let you know when I get a working demo of some kind or another.

Hello Ghiga5 :)

Thanks, hope you will make a cool project <3

Fine asset to use.

Thanks, Jonathan !


Hi, I really like all the art you have on your page and recently purchased one of your bundles, I plan on using the art for an indie game I am developing, I was curious about the crediting, I was planning on putting you and your partner's name in the credits of the game as is stated in the terms of use of the art, but I don't understand the link to Twitter/itch, do I put it in the credits? (altho it wont be clickable) or would you rather me put it in my devlogs whenever I am talking about the level design? I just want to make sure I get everything right! :)

Hi Sin_Remover !

Thank you for your support :).

Oh that's right, well if you mention our Twitter name (@gif_not_jif and @Noiracide) in your credits, that will do 🥰👍.

Great! Then ill do it like that! Ill put your guys Twitter handles in the credits :)

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I don't know if you know this, but any asset that you load into your demo can be easily ripped using a simple page inspection.  I took a screenshot of me doing this, this is so easy that a child could rip these assets.  I recommend taking down the demo if you want to protect your assets.  (Did you use RPG Maker?  That program is completely unsafe for protecting your assets online.  I made a whole video about it once I think where I ripped all the MV assets from the main RPG Maker webpage before the engine had even been released.)

Hello korytoombs !

Yeah, unfortunately, I'm aware of this issue. The solution was to scanline all the assets to prevent a decent usage of them by thieves. Moreover, not all of my assets are available in this demo (mostly because of this rip issue, indeed).

Since this demo is quite small, I probably won't change the game engine or the solution behind to fix that :).

Thanks for your analyse anyway !

Okay, as long as you are aware of it.  I don't think a lot of people using that engine know this vulnerability.

yeah, with Rpg maker it's pretty weird indeed. Even the cryptographic functionnality is a joke :(

Hello there,

using the tileset for a prototype and I really like it so far. Found some minor issues and having some suggestions after using them.

Issues (atlas file):

  • The tiles (22, 8) and (23, 8) in the atlas seem to be missing their outline on the top side
  • Was unable to find the matching horizontal tile for (23, 0) and (24, 0), neither for the tiles at (19, 8) and (20, 8)


  • The tiles on the top right side (30, 0)-(31, 0) down to (30, 5)-(31,5) could be transparent to allow the usage of differently colored floor-tiles
  • Start- and end-tiles for the rail-tracks
  • The usage of the wooden floor is limmited due to the lack of a connection between the horizontal and vertical tiles
  • Doorways for east and west directions
  • Shadows

Keep up the good work, looking forward to your next packs.

Hello wallchicken,

I appreciate your feedback :). There are, indeed, mistakes and errors that I didn't took the time to fix yet.

I'm adding your suggestions to this pack's todo list but I can't provide a delivery date yet.

Good luck with your prototype !

We need Icons pack and Effect attack pack will be nice be couse on rpg maker or unity we need this :)

Hello NewEnemy :)

We are currently working on an action RPG pack which contain attack animation !

Some cool looking stuff here!

I really appreciate how you have different size tilesets.  That saves us a lot of time.




Hey Lowres! Love the packs, just wondering though why you decided to split them up into parts?

(1 edit)

Hello RyanAvx,

Thanks ! 

If you are talking about the tiles/ folder in the Exterior pack : it's just another way to present the atlas for specific usage.

If you are talking about the different Super Retro World projects : making separated packs gives people the choice to buy just the needed parts for a lower price (that's our spirit for now).

Some packs are grouped into coop-bundle tho :).

hi! i recently bought your super retro world bundle and this pack seems to be the only one that doesn't have a tile set tuned for rpg maker uses. was wondering if you planned on adding something like that or if i just happened to miss something, thanks :)

(1 edit)

Hello regeki :)

I'll take a look at it this week !

In case you need it now : the atlas file provided is still "almost" ready for RpgMaker (just need to cut it into 256*256 pieces and triple its scale).

Hello regeki,

I've just made an update for that. Is it ok for you now ?

I have a wonderful and very unique idea for a game that your tiles will be perfect for. Do you do any consulting work if I needed something tweaked for it.

(1 edit)

Hello fuqlibs,

Thanks for your comment :). Unfortunately I don't have much time for that.

I love it! Could I use it in a commercial game with minor modifications? BTW will you keep updating it? ^^ 

Hello Jobegiar99 :)

You can use them the way the tiles are drawn in a commercial game. Not sure about the modifications yet.

Any request for an update :) ?

Have a nice day !

(1 edit)

Yay! Thank you !!!!

Yes!! I have one. I was trying to create a room with this kind of perspective but I was not able to find something to connect the borders, and I was wondering if possible if you could please create some assets for that kind of perspective (if there is already something like that I'm sorry xp) . (The image is just to illustrate what I'm trying to achieve).

I would also like to know if it could be possible to please add something like traps, for example, a pit trap, fire trap, spike trap, etc.

Thanks for taking part of your time to read my message! :)

BTW I LOVE IT!!!! This is the best dungeon asset pack I have ever seen lol <3

Hello, this is a very nice set, and your others are too I bought them all! Bits and pieces of these go quite nicely with my ( | existing library of tiles which is a grand combination of original, derivative and third party stuff. To help merge your stuff in I'd also like to make modifications, in particular I'd like to:

  • Re-color. For example, to match other tilesets I'm already using (e.g to make your stuff appear a bit gloomier), or to increase the usability of particular tiles (e.g. recoloring the portal as red to make it evil).
  • Animate. For example, to add movement to the water coming out of the drain, or pulsations to the portal.
  • Adapt. For example to use the provided closed doors on the houses to create open doors in the same style, or to use the existing columns as a template to make more (e.g. a crumbling one), or even to use your color scheme to extend the set in otherwise original ways.

Not saying I have anything in particular in mind that I want to do (except perhaps re-colour the portal and arches), but allowing modifications really helps me not have to worry about merging stuff into my project when I go diving through my library for something new :) A license would solve this issue - I notice your exterior pack comes under MIT which is great, but everything else is unlicensed.

Anyway, you have a great and consistent design language :) Hope you come out with more in the future, keep up the good work!

Hello Numeron,

Thanks for your big reply, I'll take a look at licence tonight for each of my pack :).

Have a good day !

Hey there, so I was curious what CC license these assets are listed under?

(1 edit)

Hello smartguy1669,

Good question, I haven't thought about it yet. Is it an issue for you ?

You can use them in a commercial game if you want to.


Wow a great top down tileset! I think I might pick up the bundle.

(1 edit)

Hello LVGames :)

Thank you ! Don't hesitate to comment, I'll update this pack a few times before starting the 3rd one.


Merci pour ce magnifique pack j'ai hâte de me procurer les prochains 😇

Salut Kaisen Isekai,

Compte sur moi pour continuer ! Le prochain pack sera un ensemble de personnages et de monstres pour donner un peu de vie à tout ça :).


waiting for unity package. i love srw.

This weekend for sure, thank you !


Lovely assets. It would be nice to include some reference/example pictures in the package.

If possible, I'd like to have more animations of the treasure chest, door, portal and water etc. :)

One unit wide terrain tiles (not sure what's the proper way to call it) would be nice too, for example the dirt path in the first picture of this asset page, the minimum width is 2 unit. I found the terrain tile tool in Unity's official 2d extra package very useful for painting the scene. But not many artist are doing this one unit wide terrain tiles.

Hello WhiteGlint,

You are right, I could give exemples. Animations should be updated this weekend, I'll update the terrain too !

Thx :)