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A downloadable RPG overworld pack

Get this RPG overworld pack and 2 more for $19.99 USD
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Pack content

  • Super Retro World : Overworld pack

  • Overworld (worldmaps) environments for your RPG games 
  • Tiles count : ~900(16x16)
  • Tilesets ready for RPG Maker
  • Atlas (.png) provided in 3 sizes (16x, 32x, 48x)



    ✔️ You can :

    • Use the assets for non-commercial & commercial projects !
    • Adapt and/or modify the assets to match your project.
    • Credit me ("Gif") with my Twitter : @gif_not_jif

    ❌ You can NOT :

    • Distribute or sell those assets directly (even modified).
    • Claim the asset yours.
    • Use the assets in an crypto / NFT / meta related project.

    Whole collection !


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    About me

    Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
    (7 total ratings)
    GenreRole Playing
    Tags16-bit, 2D, asset, Fantasy, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Retro, Tileset, Top-Down


    Get this RPG overworld pack and 2 more for $19.99 USD
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    Version 23


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    Hey, sorry to bother you but I couldn't find any other way to contact you. I bought this pack around 2 years ago but now it seems like I can't download it. When I try only the free version comes up for a download. Could you please help me?

    hello Disthron,

    Yeah of course I'll help you out, just send me a mail at pixelart<dot>asset<at>gmail<dot>com so I can give you a download key 👍

    Hey, thanks again

    With pleasure !

    Hello! I used your assets in my game Green Bot,  thank you so much for creating and sharing them!


    Do these work for Godot? I'm new to making games.

    (1 edit)

    You can use these assets in Godot, yes. I think I have also shipped a godot/ folder for autotiles as well. Let me know how you progress ☺️👍

    I'll do updates if you have troubles.

    I'm having trouble configuring these for RPG maker use. Are they auto tiles? They don't seem to work as auto tiles, but they also don't work without auto tiles, since there's no flat water tile for instance. 

    Hello bgrizzmayne :)

    There are no autotiles for this pack yet (only tilesets). You should have flat water tiles in one of the tilesets. I'll check that tomorow to make sure of it 👍

    is it possible to make autotiles with what’s supplied? just curious why there’s autotiles for the other packs but not this one

    (1 edit)

    Hello bgrizzmayne,

    I'll note that for the next update of this package. Right now autotiles are not provides for RPG Maker since their template is quite limited, but I can do it.

    I think autotiles and some animation on these would make them incredible! 

    I recently picked up a bundle offering of your tilesets and really love the content!  One thing I have recently begun working on; is attempting to integrate your tiles into Godot's tile system specifically with the "Auto-tiling" feature documented here.  

    There are lots of different templates to follow but; I gotta say a total dream would be if these packs had artwork arranged like the following:

    If we were considering a dirt-road with grassy borders around it, the red would be the dirt path.  It makes for a lot more tiles to create, but the end result is really lovely - it allows designers to simply paint and the engine will automatically arrange the appropriate tiles.  

    I'm working now to try and modify the packs to get this behavior working with more terrain stuff, an "autotiles" pack would be so awesome!

    Hello star-mix :) 

    Oh you may be interested in a 2x2 template I already did for a lot of textures. Those templates are available within my Unity complete bundle. Would you like a download key to take a look and see if it match your needs ? Send me a mail at if so !

    Ah yes!  I had not previously considered the 2x2 template, I will do so!  (Sent you an e-mail response as well; would be happy to check out the templates you mentioned!)  Thank you so much!

    Is this asset included in the Mega Bundle in the Unity Asset Store?

    Is this collection of tiles only?  Or does it contain maps made up of these tiles?

    Hello :)

    Yes, every tilesets are included in the Unity Pack.

    The Unity Pack contains the tilesets, autotiles, characters, backgrounds, battlers and animated sprites (everything, basically).

    Maps (shown in screenshots) are not included in the Unity Pack. However, the Pack contains a playable test map.

    Thanks :)  I just bought the pack from Unity (which I believe contains all of the packs?)

    It would be great if you could also have collection of maps that can be reused as it's a lot of work to create these, and you have such beautifully created maps on this website.  Would this be something that can be done?

    (1 edit)

    Yes mate you have everything, don't worry.

    More maps ? Haha it could be possible for some on them. Do you have preferences ?

    Sorry I think I meant scenes that that you make from the tiles that are provided, such as the ones on this website.  I can only see the playable_sample.unity file from the pack that I bought from Unity.  Are there any other scenes that can be purchased? 

    I would love to have the scenes that are shown on this website (or any other scenes that you are willing to sell) that I can move things around a bit and reuse.

    Hello jojungwhan,

    Unfortunately there are no other content to buy yet. I'll try to add a bunch of more scenes in the future :).

    These are very nice tiles. I am going to use them in a future project. I hope to see more of these.

    (1 edit)

    Wow these over world tiles are great!

    Quick question what is the license for your assets, can they be used in commercial projects? Be modified etc?

    Hello CrabsCode !

    Thank you and yes, you can use those for a commercial game and edit the tiles as you like :)

    Your welcome! Thank you for the reply! Awesome looking forward to creating some nice over world maps! 😀

    Absolutely gorgeous. I'm especially fond of the trees and the mountains. And at a price of less than $5? It's a steal!

    Would have loved a 4-frame animation cycle for the water tiles, but they look awesome nonetheless. Thank you so much for making this!

    Thank you Sounak9434, inspiration comes from RPG Maker series, Kingdom of Loot, Pita's work, and Fire emblem Sacred Stones. 

    I would've loved to animate stuff too ! I have an important project to complete first (#kantoredrawn on Twitter).

    I'll probably do a pack with animations to cover every aspect of this serie.

    Awesome! Will look forward to it.

    Also, you are part of the #kantoredrawn trend? I have a new fav pixel artist here! :D

    I am, indeed :).

    Hi, I haven't received my key yet. Can you send it to me again?

    (1 edit)

    Hello rpg-dev :), 

    Did you send me a mail at ? I need a way to send it to you privately.

    (1 edit)

    Yes, I did, and I have my contact in my portfolio

    My bad, you definitely did !

    You should find the key in your mail by now, enjoy :).

    That's super awesome! Ista-bought it as promised. :)

    Thanks again gif!

    That was you idea :) thanks !

    I think this thumbnail is not that readable lol. I'll edit it soon !

    (1 edit)

    Aaah, it's better now.

    Well, it's still not pixelart but I'll make that later :D.