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I just got RPG Maker VX Ace for an awesome deal on steam, which was great because I'm not sure if I'll ever finish/publish my works, and for that same reason, I wanted to say thank you for making half of these free. I still paid you for one, but I appreciate so many of the basics being free!


Hello Cosmic Cuddler,

Thank you for your reply <3 and good luck with your gamedev project !

The license file from the zip is conflicting with the license on this page, especially this part.

"You are free to: Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format" - LICENSE.txt 

"You can NOT : Distribute or sell those assets directly (even modified)." - Above license

Can I assume that this is dual licensed? (as in I can choose which License I can follow)

Hello Nonononoki,

Oops, it may be because the pack is free. I'll fix that soon, but be aware that you can NOT resell those assets, ofc :).

this good!I like!


What I want to say is that I like these assets very much。

Thank you !

Hello, does this pack (or any other of your packs) include a GIU?

Hello JustRosy :)

No, I'm afraid not. I'll work on a Graphical Interface pack in the future tho.

Hey there!

Is there  a way to contact you for support for your products?

hello great pack, can you make a tile pack with modern and various buildings?

Thanks ! I wonder in which direction to go now 😳

Modern is one of the current possibilities.



Creative Commons Attribution v4.0 International






Looks great! Thanks!


Thank you, antikx !

Have a good weekend :)

Thanks. You too. It's Thanksgiving here, so I'm getting stuffed. :) Hey, I hope I don't offend by asking this, but I'm not 100% sure one of the items is. In the atlas image, between the potions and the books, is it a mortar and pestle, or a crystal shard, or something else?


Haha no worries :), I not convince too myself yet. It is indeed a cristal shard, but I think I'll give it a retry. Should be done this week !

:) Thanks!


Ah, yes. A freedoom! 

Not that I'll be using them anytime soon. But I better save them just in case you changed your mind.


Thank you, Hyperkvlt :) !

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YES ! <3

I want that


Gimme Desire first >:)