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  • Super Retro World : Interior pack

  • Interior elements for your RPG games 
  • Tiles count : ~600 (16x16)
  • 4 animated chests + 2 animated torchs
  • Tilesets + animations ready for RPG Maker
  • Atlas (.png) provided in 3 sizes (16x, 32x, 48x)


βœ”οΈ You can :

  • Use the assets for non-commercial & commercial projects !
  • Adapt and/or modify the assets to match your project.
  • Credit me ("Gif") with my Twitter : @gif_not_jif

❌ You can NOT :

  • Distribute or sell those assets directly (even modified).
  • Claim the asset yours.
  • Use the assets in an crypto / NFT / meta related project.

Whole collection !


100% FREE

Essential bundle

Characters bundle

Dungeons bundle

Biomes bundle

Unity bundle

About me

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags16-bit, 2D, asset, Fantasy, interior, Pixel Art, Retro, Tileset, Top-Down
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International


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I was wondering if the timer on the Complete collection pack is correct? Because when i go to the page it says the sale anded last monday? Or does the timer mean there will be another sale?

Really would like to use all tilesets for a passion project ^^


hey mate :)

Yeah no worries, I just have to set the bundle dates manually each week πŸ‘

Oh isee, thank you, looking forward to using them πŸ‘


Hi just downloaded the tileset and i noticed a issue, the rpg maker folder only have 3 images which i assume are made with mv in mind considering the sizes yet the readme says " rpgmaker/...................Folder containing the atlas arranged in tileset for RPG MAKER VX, MV, MZ" while some stuff can be fixed by just resizing certain tiles is a fact the tile system have some differences between rpg makers, in my case i wanted to use it this tileset on vx ace.

oh ? Well it's just something I need to fix :) I'll take a look at that tomorow, thanks for noticing πŸ‘

Fixed with today's update :)

(tilesets have been resized + pink color background for import in vxace)

Hi there! I'm gonna use this pack to create my first rpg mini-game. Just wanted to thak you for all this effort you're putting into this 😊

Hi Agente1902 :)

Thank you, enjoy !

question- i downloaded these for rpg maker but want to use them with TILED. how can i get the non rpg maker versions? the atlas doesn’t include animated tiles.

can i return my version for the unity version? 

I want to make a game with your assets above.Can I do so?Do I need to mention you and your website in my game?

Yes, check the "License" section above :)

I want to publish this asset on my own website for free with reference to you. is this allowed?

Hello AhmetNail,

No, it's not posible under the current license.

OK thanks

Hello! Your pixel game assets are amazing! I am writing a book on video game mechanics, and would love to use your free game art in the book. I will give you full credits in the book. If it is not too much trouble, could you please drop me an email saying that it is okay to use the Super Retro World and other pixel art designed by you in my book (since I need official permission)? You can reach me at: Dhulemaithili@gmail.com. Thank you! πŸ˜Š

Hello Maithili,

Of course ! Gimme a sec :)

Hello! Greetings from Argentina, I will be using your work to practice and learn. Thank you very much!

(1 edit)

Hello mate and thank you ! Good luck on your gamedev journey 😊

(1 edit) (+1)

Just bought the collection, wonderful looking art! Plan on extending Retro World anymore? More enemies and baddies would be pretty awesome! Oh I didnt notice if there were system menu windows for rpg maker, did I miss them or will there ever be any designed for the look of retro world?

Hello Wingedwold123 :)

Thanks ! Yes,  I plan another pack which will contain character with attack animation as well as enemies !

(I should be able to release it in the next few weeks)

I didn't make User Interface yet (windows skin for example) but that's a good idea !

The future of Super Retro collections is Super Retro Odyssey, so don't worry there will be more to come.

(1 edit)

Hi! Those are some really outstanding pixel art! Can I use this in a commercial project? This asset pack is so great, i might not need another one xd. I will credit you, but how should i credit you? should i put a link to this? or some other attribution name? And one more question. you have stated that "This asset pack is free until further notice" does that mean that this asset pack i used in my game will be unusable without buying? what is the license for this and can i happen like , i take the asset make my game, credit you, post it online, and suddenly it happens like "this asset pack is no longer free"? i mean, I would be legally safe or not....

Hello vishwajeet :) !

You can use those assets commercially, yes ! They'll stay free, don't worry (I'll edit the description in this direction).

You can credit me by mentionning my name ("Gif") with a contact such as my itch page (Gif - itch.io) or my Twitter page (Gif (@gif_not_jif) / Twitter). 

Anyway, you are 100% safe :D !

(2 edits)

Thanks <3! and that remains the same for all the other free assets right? 

yes :) have fun !

If I want to use this assets to my commercial project, How Could I do that?

ps. this assets are very awesome!! :D


You can use those in a commercial project, just credit me ^_^ !

Thanks :D May be I'll pay some other assets created by you

not me thinking this is a game ;-;


Hello Cherry :)

If you want to play a game made with those assets, check this Twitter : https://twitter.com/PurpureSt_?t=Qh0JTGTlgH26nyxk38-8Uw&s=09

oki tyy

Hello, not sure if this is the right place to ask this but, I brought the complete collection. When I added the unity package, some of the assets are white. Do you know how to fix this or share a link? Also is the unity package the full asset pack? I only found three unity packages. Last thing, when i added the exterior pack, some assets are showing missing sprites.

Hello Macken :)

Thank you a lot for your support :) !

I didn't create an unity package for each of my packs, sorry about that (I'm lazy). Moreover, some unity package (as for the Exterior pack) may not be up to date, indeed.

What you can do : don't use the unity package (which is just the asset_16x.png imported, sliced and put into a tile palette). You can import the atlas_16x.png yourself (it's up to date for each pack), if you are used to.

What I'll do : remove the unity package in each pack and provide a tutorial to import Super Retro World assets in unity.

In the near future : I want to build one big unity package and sell it on the unity asset store as well.

Sorry for this inconvenent, my friend.

Thanx for the tip, and quick reply.

what game engine can i use this in?

(1 edit)

Hello Blue_128,

You can use those assets in many engines such as Unity, Gamemaker, Godot or Rpg Maker :)

Ooooh. That's cool. Thank you for answering my question 😁

no problemo, have a good day !


check out my new game


by the way your art is super.

i am trying to make game using your assets.

(2 edits)

Hello, i want to ask something, how do I separate all this assets in different images.

Hello Mateo :),

Are you using a software to make your game ? Unity, Godot, RPG maker, ... ? Most of them will provide tools to use such atlas image.

If not (in case, for example, you're making your game from scratch for example), you'll need to split the atlas file into 16x16 squares with your programming language.

I am using Godot


Then you probably need to follow a tutorial about using tileset, such as this one :

Hope it helps :)


Hi! can I do some change this assets and use it on my game?

of course <3

(1 edit)

hi there!
sorry if i sound stupid, but I'm afraid I don't understand how to use this with VX Ace
I know there is an atlas, but I dunno how to turn atlas into tilesets...
i have the exterior pack for VX Ace from steam so I very much want the other packs. <3 sorry if I am missing something obvious. i know theres tilesets in the rpgmaker folder but they arent quite right for it.
will there be a version designed to work for vx ace in the future?
thanks in advance for dealing with my questions <3
EDIT: oh, and i tried converting the tilesets in the RPGmaker folder to 32x32 but the autotiles dont work or anything

(1 edit)

Hello princeshinobi !

Thank you for supporting those tilesets :), I appreciate it.

You are right, I didn't prepared tilesets for vx in this interior pack yet (only mv, mz). I'll should be able to fix that next week btw.

In the meantime, may I send you download keys from my dungeons packs ? (Nature, Fire, Water). They should be arranged for vx <3

oh ok awesome, i'm excited for that! i was afraid I did something wrong (: cant wait to use them.

also, yes please!! i would love that so much! these are my favorite assets. <3

Alright then !

May I ask your @ mail ? I'll send download key this way :)

of course! you can send it to artsycatpaws@gmail.com

also, one more question really quick: do you plan on making the other packs (desert, winter etc) compatible with vx ace?

Yes, I'll fix that for vx :) !

Hi! These assets are amazing and while I read your comments and saw what your thoughts are on usage... I want to make sure it is alright.
Are these assets acceptable to use in a game I am planning on making? Naturally I will give you credit and give you a some money for them (if I even make any myself lol)! I also wanted to ask if it is okay to edit your assets (change color, add specific details etc)?

These questions include all your other assets! I'm planning on using several!

Thank you!!

Hello eggy :)

First of all, thank you for your support, I appreciate it a lot ! 

Of course you can edit, modify, switch colors and so on ! You can also use them for personnal AND commercial project (I appreciate the credit !).

You DON'T HAVE to pay me with a % of your game revenu, keep everything for you :) !

If you can't afford every packs, let me know, I'll send you some download keys. Have a good day !

Where do I find the lower left part of the well room?

Hello K1ngK0opa :),

Can you be more specific ? Are you looking for the lower part of a specific sprite ? (well room  = bedroom right ?)

Have a good day !

This is for the RPG Maker version of the set.  What I'm calling a well room is the bottom of a well.  It's a circle cut out the well... or is that supposed to be a tower idk.  The wall is a 3 quarter circle cut out with ground. There is a punched out piece of the lower left with no flooring.  Am I to add the flooring color to the tile set.  I don't think there was an A2 tile set (type of RPG Maker MV/MZ auto tile for floors A1 is water).  I was wondering what do I do for the floor color.  Is there a good A2 tile set from a different pack.  I have them all I just don't know without testing if there is a good A2 auto tile for the "well" floor.

 Also, pls, could you make a walls auto-tile tile set (an A4 tile set) for those walls that are in Tile set B.  It's frustrating if you want to make a wall a bit if I'm layering more that two things.  Pipoya's tile set aren't even in the form of 768x768 B,C,D,E tile sets and have walls simply for a B tile set.  Actually since you don't seem to have as many as Pipoya (who is an asset maker on Itch), I guess I could just throw those walls in an A5 an A5 tile set is completely free.

It's just that I paid for these tile sets, got them early, even thinking of getting the "blue haired character one in the future if that's not out today" and I would like to know how to use them.  Putting the color in there is a little wonky for a pay for tile set.  In Pipoya's case his or hers is are free,

Hello K1ngK0opa,

Ok I see : there is no walls for the bottom part of the wellroom : it's only designed to be the interior part of the rock house, available in my Exterior pack).

Unfortunately, we don't plan to create autotiles files for wall.

The characters are not included in this free tileset.

(1 edit)

This is a great pack. I wanted to use this pack in an open source game.  Not really sure if the licence allows it. Game is open source so it means people can see and download the packs from a public GitHub repo. Or from inside the downloaded Game Maker Studio game. I'll put the link to this page in readme.md file.

I have some of your paid assets too but I won't include them in the open source game. I'm only talking about the free assets.

Hello aliustaoglu :)

Thank you for your support ! You can use this free pack for your game if you like.

can i use this asset pack for my game?

Of course, my friend :)

Hey ! Just downloaded it and made this account to tell you that in the README, it is written "The low-res arist" (arist not artist). Thanks a lot for sharing this ^^ !

hello fuyuta :)

Oops, thank you for sharing this ! (It's an old nickname)

Can i use these assets for my RPG game (with credit)? And i MIGHT publish it on playstore or MIGHT share on itch.io...Am i allowed to use do this on that basis? Anyways i love your artwork, keep up the good work! :D 

Hello CodeWorld,

Of course, be my guest !

Thank you! :D

What resource pack contains the characters?

Hello Alphagames2 :)

If you are looking for characters, please check this pack : RPG Character Pack 16*16 Super Retro World by Noiracide (itch.io)

You can also obtain it through this bundle : RPG ultimate asset BUNDLE by Noiracide, TheRoro, Gif - itch.io

Have a good day !

Thanks you

What is the license on your packs?

Hello Oogaphobia,

You can find which license each pack uses in the "More information" part :)

Have a good day !

oop sorry!


Hello! Love your product but I'm using it in RPG Maker MV.  I can't overlap more than two layers in the program though. So giving windows curtains doesn't seem to work at all :(


hey ! you can merge tilesets yourself to create windows with curtains. 

just go to paint . net and import the tilesets or duplicate the one you want that has more than 2 layers and merge the pieces together.

paint . net has a magic wand selector as well, if you need to fix the transparency at any point. 

hope this helps !

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello Schizomi :)

As nabrappy said (thanks for the reply btw!), you can customise the tileset.

Another solution is to use Event as a third layer : position an event on top of the window tile and give it the apparence of the curtain tile.

Last solution is to migrate your project to Rpg Maker MZ, which use 4 layers (I think a free demo is available).


Ahhh!! Thank you! I recently just purchased MZ so it solved itself with that!! Thanks for all the helpful tips guys!!

Can I use these tiles for my RPG game? I'll put your name in the credits, of course :)

Of course you can !

Thanks :) Love your work!

Wow!! Amazing pack The low-res artist!! Love it!

Could I use it within a Unity tutorial so my students can download it and use the assets following my videos? It's a paid course tho.

Of course, I will mention you, include a link to your main page and tell them to support your work.

Hello juavazmor :) !

Be my guest ! You can use this pack in any way you want in your course.

<3 <3 <3 Thanks a lot mate!! I will let you know once the course is ready in case you are interested in see how it looks!

Big hugs! 

With pleasure mate !

(1 edit)

hey, could I use that little inn preview over there for my commercial game? I really like it and I've been trying to make cozy inn for a pretty long time.

Edit: can you also tell me what the size of each tile in pixels?

Hello rpg-dev,

I you want, I would appreciate the mention tho :).

Tiles are 16x16 btw.

(1 edit)

thanks! I'm using it - can I modify it a bit to meet my needs? P.S Can you please give the .tmx file? It would help me a lot!

(1 edit)

Yes, do as you like !

I have a .png version of this file without the lights effect (I didnt use Tiled to make it).

I'll share it soon :).

yeah, I find the lights a little "annoying". And I don't need the characters in there since I have other character asset I could use.

Understood, I'll send you a non edited version on March 15th.

Hello rpg-dev, here is your screenshot :).


I'm making a game right now using your assets. I love the style so much.

If you're taking suggestions, would it be possible for me to request that you make some top-down monsters? That'd be super, cool and helpful, and I'd buy them right away :)

Thanks for releasing this one for free! ... And take a look at this cool pumpkin boy I made using your sprites as a base :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello morso,

Great sprite you show here !

We are working on a top down monster pack :). You are right, it could be useful !

Hi Low-res Artist!

I've made some edits of your assets and I would love to have your feedback :)


Whao ! That's awesome !

I really like how you made new furnitures, very cool :)

I'll make some farm assets in the next update of the Exterior pack by the way. Need a key to download it for free ?

I would love to! :O

Thank you! I'll keep sharing my edits here if it's OK with you :D

Be my guest :)

I have sent you a link through Twitter dm.

I've made some more edits! 

I hope you like them :)


Omg they are all awesome 🀩 !

This tiles are awesome! Can't believe these are free!

Hello Emily,

Thank you, enjoy !

Hi there, and thanks again for your stunning work! Would it be possible for you to schedule an overworld/world map  tileset pack for one of your future releases? It would be truly awesome and I would be among the first ones to buy it! :)

Hello Rockwood0,

OK !

(1 edit) (+3)

Hello Rockwood0,

I'm starting to work on an Overworld pack, should be online in march !

>> Devlog : Link

Looks really great!

Totally looking forward to it. :)

Want more ? Ask me anything to be part of the next update :) !


Excuse me, but I find this free asset a little suspicious. Some elements within are just too much similar to this asset pack: https://raou.itch.io/top-down-interior-tileset.
And I'm not talking about similarities, I mean ctrl-c and ctrl-v into yours. If you need some proofs:

(8 edits) (+1)

(initial post from 14 feb 2021) :

Hello Henry,

My mistake, thanks for this reminder : those tiles you mention should not be in this pack, absolutely.

Raou assets were a good inspiration to be honest.  I'm going to put my pack on hold (draft mode) until I fix those errors.

(Edit 19 feb 2021) :

I'm reopening this project page after a complete review : those tiles you mention have been updated or removed. If you have other remarks, please let me know ! 


free for commercial use?


Free for commercial usage, have fun !



I know you say free, but what's the specific licence?

Looks great btw!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks ! 

Licence is : Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). You can find it in the "More information" section by the way :).

All of my packs share this licence. Does it meet your needs ?


Cool, thanks for the reply!
Yea, I always try to give credit whenever possible, just wanted to make sure!

Thank you for share, I want to use !


enjoy !