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Pack content

  • Super Retro World : Water Dungeon pack

  • Water dungeon environments for your RPG games 
  • Tiles count : ~500(16x16)
  • Animated doors + cristals + switches +toches/firecamp
  • Autotiles animated water + waterfall + lava + roads
  • Tilesets, autotiles and animations ready for RPG Maker
  • Atlas (.png) provided in 3 sizes (16x, 32x, 48x)


✔️ You can :

  • Use the assets for non-commercial & commercial projects !
  • Adapt and/or modify the assets to match your project.
  • Credit me ("Gif") with my Twitter : @gif_not_jif

❌ You can NOT :

  • Distribute or sell those assets directly (even modified).
  • Claim the asset yours.
  • Use the assets in an crypto / NFT / meta related project.

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About me

Updated 5 days ago
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Dungeon Crawler, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, temple, Tilemap, Tileset, Top-Down, watercolor


Get this asset pack and 12 more for $49.99 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$11.99 USD or more

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are your assets compatible with RPG Maker XP  /  VX Ace format?


Hello Arufonsu :)

Sorry for this late reply. You'll get tilesets ready for RPG Maker VX, yes.

It is compatible with XP as well but you probably need to rearrange the tilesets png file size.

(1 edit)

thanks! just found out that this one has the VX format for everything, thanks!
will this one ever get these folder structure that includes VX too?:


I'll add that to my todo list :).


Another better than not tile set.  Ever think of putting your walls on an A5 tile set or an A4 auto tile tile set for RPG Maker MV,MZ, and VX Ace.  Although I realize it's not so necessary because it would be odd to have a double overlap on your walls with the tile sets you have.  I have run into double over laps on other tile sets.  I don't really want to seem like I'm complaining but oh well if this looks this was so since these 60% off from 11.99.

Makes me also want to make a tile set.  I'm sort of a capable artist.  I'm just focusing so much on making an RPG Maker Game.  Who knows what I could come up with.  I could end up adding the tiles I made to all my tile sets for the extra large game I have.


Hello K1ngK0opa,

We don't plan to create a specific tileset for walls at the moment.

Good luck with your tileset !

Can these materials be used commercially?

yes !

That's great. Hopefully, you can update a little bit of horror theme material.

Maybe one day haha, but it's not the core of this collection.

I'll give it a try anyway.

Fantastic stuff as always!

Thank you, jinna12 <3 !