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Pack content

  • Super Retro World : Character pack

  • Characters animated for your RPG games 
  • Frame size : 20x16
  • 32 characters (include color swap) + template
  • Walking animation in 4 direction (3 frames cycle)
  • Files ready for RPG Maker
  • Atlas (.png) provided in 3 sizes (16x, 32x, 48x)
  • Originally created by Noiracide



βœ”οΈ You can :

  • Use the assets for non-commercial & commercial projects !
  • Adapt and/or modify the assets to match your project.
  • Credit me ("Gif") with my Twitter : @gif_not_jif

❌ You can NOT :

  • Distribute or sell those assets directly (even modified).
  • Claim the asset yours.
  • Use the assets in an crypto / NFT / meta related project.

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About me

Updated 5 days ago
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags16-bit, 2D, animated, asset, Characters, Fantasy, Monsters, Pixel Art, Retro


Get this RPG character pack and 2 more for $19.99 USD
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Hi, just a suggestion. Would be great to see a dragon in the compete asset, will you haver update with some? Thanks! :)


Thank you! This is a life-saver! I recently bought a retro style tileset from Steam to make a game with RPG maker MV, and although I love it a lot, it only came with 3 characters. Your art style is really adorable and I'm hoping it'll fit in with what I have planned.

Hi! Just stumbled upon your packs and instantly loved them! I'm wondering if you have or plan to add damage/death animations? Thanks!

Hi, I want to ask, is the assets can be used in GameMaker Studio 2? If so, is it compatible for RPG Maker MZ too?

Hello, the "rpgmaker/" subfolder in most of my packs is for VX, MV and MZ. I have not yet tried to import stuff in Game Maker but I'm sure it will work well :).

Let me know !

Enjoy !

Hey Gif, I made a JRPG game using your assets, you can check it out if you are interested =)


Omg it looks cool, well done !


Thank you!😁

What? It just says on everything "Full Asset Available on Itch.io" when that's exactly where I got it from! Is it because I tried to get it for free?

Yes indeed, that's because you own the free version

What? How am I supposed to use it if it just has the words "Full Asset Available on Itch.io"?

(4 edits) (+1)

That's false, you have access to some assets (including 3 characters) for free, but not everything. You get to see what the full version is made of.


I really love the look of this asset pack, so my question is... Can you use this in game jams???

Hello Alex,

Yes of course !

Hello Sir,
Can I use this for my game and then sell the game in-store?


Absolutely πŸ‘

Characters dont seem to work with MV or MZ

(1 edit)

I'll take a look today, what seems to be the issue ?

EDIT : ah yes lol I'm stupid it should be splitted into 4 parts. It will be fixed in the next update tonight.

Awesome, thank you!


It's live :)

Hello, I saw a while back you were working on NPCs and such on Twitter. Is this still the plan?

That was a wip of a potential futur pack, yes. This is on hold while I work on other things such as : farming pack, unity updates, users requests and remake my itchio HTML pages ☺️.

fair enough, you are a busy guy! Thank you for answering my dumb question :)

Hello Gif, I really enjoy all your pack so far! I may be wrong but I wanted to inform that the "CharaNude.png" 4 frame walking down may be of 1 pixel on the left from the other.

haha true ! I saw that yesterday, will be fixed soon. Thank you :) !

Hey, Gif! Love the SRW assets. Is there any chance you plan to expand the sprites to add animals like rabbits, cows, sheep, chickens, etc? I'm making a somewhat survival style game and the only thing I'm lacking is animal sprites. I've not found any that will work. If none are planned, are you open to commissions? I don't need too many animal sprites.

Hey friend :) okidac I'll plan some this week !

Awesome, man! Thanks!

the free version has no characters just the same icons from every other set

Hello CoderEli,

The free version contains 3 characters in the spritesheet "free_character_1-3.png" (also available in the rpgmaker/ folder under the name "_srw_free_character_1-3.png").

Icons are indeed common to many free packs.

Hi, the sprites in 1x1 are 16x but the monsters in the monsters 1x1 folder seem to be huge, is it possible to get these in the original small scale to match the x16 characters?

Hello sephiroth976 :)

I'll take a look at that this weekend if there is an issue, but be aware that monsters have bigger frames anyway (48x48 pix). 

Oops, you are right, monsters have been scaled x3. I'll fix the Super Retro World Action Pack tomorow πŸ‘

Fixed !

Hey there, I bought the bundle but noticed that the atlased x16 characters are slightly too large, any tips?

Hello shadoki :)

Unfortunately, character frame size is 20x16 (it's mentionned in the "Feature" section above).

Folders 16x, 32x and 48x are meant to give multiple scale to users for an easier implementation in their dev process.

By the way, frame size for monsters sprites are even bigger : https://gif-superretroworld.itch.io/arpg-pack


I just recently bought this pack...

NPC sprites when? 
Nice work. I am looking forward for the future enhancements of this series of assets with great interest :)

Hello deceius :)

Thanks ! I'll probably add a bunch of basic NPC in the next few months. It's not planned yet πŸ˜…

One question tho. Will that be a part of the RPG Asset Character Pack, or will that be another pack in the future? Thanks :)


Certainly another pack, but free πŸ˜‡


Hello Gif, do you provide Idle animation for characters for each orientation ?

(1 edit)

Hello Pimox,

There is an idle frame by direction for each Character, indeed πŸ‘

You can see the atlas preview in the screenshots btw.

Yes there is a uniq frame for idle position, but I was asking for an idle animation, for exemple the head going up and down one pixel when not walking

Ah ! No, nothing of this kind. Blink could be a good idea tho πŸ‘

yes, it could be enough. The idea is to create a movement even if the player is not moving to add some "life" to the character


Hey! These are great. I've bought a couple of your packs before, and I'm going to be getting a bunch more soon.

The only thing I can think that's missing are generic NPCs and the like. Are there plans to make anything like that soon?


Hello morso :)

Thanks ! I'll plan NPC in the future but not so soon (maybe this summer)


thanks. 4 stars.


Curious if you are going to be adding other animations to the set, (such as attack, or death animations?) I really like the Super Retro Set and should have asked this much earlier when I saw a sale was planned but didn't get around to it. Though I am still curious.

Hello Zoofule,

Yes, currently I'm creating attack animation with various weapon.

Which game engine are you using btw :) ?

I tend to like Godot, I'm in school for game design at the moment, and so far that is the one taught I like the most. But that could change.

I'm using Godot and I would like to see attack animation with weapons and ilde animation if possible :)

Hello pimox :)

I'm on it ! I should post it soon

I'll be happy to check this when it's available, it's a really impressive job you already did 

Do you plan to release a UI interface maybe ? in order to create menus and inventory ?

That's a great addition :) But first I kinda want to work on a farm pack 

Great work, your description mentions "dungeons full of monsters" but apart from the character download I haven't seen any. Is it the human characters or are there monsters in each pack?

(1 edit)

Hello Simwad,

I'm gonna release those monsters soon for free, no worries πŸ˜‡πŸ‘


So... if i'm getting this straight, you're basically selling assets that you didn't create? Like, I can go on twitter, ask for a commission from any pixel artist and then sell them on itch.io? 

(4 edits) (-1)

Yes if it's part of your commission process with the artist (it implies to buy the rights) πŸ‘

That's what I did in my case since this pack was "abandonned" by my teammate, Noiracide, the original author.

I get your point, but I can't let Super Retro packs alone in "zombie-mode" without maintenance.


What do you mean? Usually an "artist" creates the stuff by himself, isn't it mental to think that you can buy stuff from an artist and then sell it under your name, since you claim to be an artist yourself? For being the "best pixelartist on itch.io" you could have done them by yourself, no? I can't wrap my head around why are you selling this pack (since it's not free, just on sale with the donation bottom kept alive and well). And what do you mean with "maintenance"? Will you expand the asset?

(4 edits) (-1)

Maybe there is a misuderstanding  : I didn't "just" bought the pack like anyone else on itch and reuploaded it on my account (this would be stealing, of course). No, instead I talked to my teammate Noiracide (the author, who works with me on this collection) and agreed with him that he doesn't want to keep this pack anymore. He doesn't plan to update it and prefers to focus on other works, which is understandable. So we made an exchange : I buy him the "rights" of this pack (which is way more expensive that the pack itself) and he removes it from itch. This makes me now the owner and responsible of this pack.

It is in "100% sale" instead of "free" to be able to add it to bundles (that's how itch works). This way, it's easier for users to find and claim, overwize they can miss it.

Of course I'll add more characters in the future, that the reason why I'm making all of this.

If you are still not happy with the situation, well that's a pity. My objective is to provide a complete collection of assets an be able to update them freely since none of my teammates wants to work on it anymore. Have a good day.


My point still remains: you're selling (from a 12 dollars top) a pack of things that you didn't make. You're doing all of this to update it, but if you wanted to do that why reselling it without any update? For now, you're only gaining some money with a bunch of sprites that you didn't make. You know, it kinda seems a "visibility" move more than an "honourable" move


It already has been updated with RPG maker packaging + color swap (of course, that's nothing : just an initial setup). Here's an overview of the complete set to draw for the upcoming  months :

"Visibility" VS "Honourable" : why not both ? I'm running a business but you know I'm redistributing a part of my revenue to the pixelart community since you read my Twitter bio. I'm not tricking anyone, c'mon.


Can I use these for a paid open source game?

Of course you can :)

(3 edits) (-4)

Why the reupload πŸ€” ?

I started Super Retro assets in 2020, then 2 friends joined me in this adventure in 2021 (Noiracide and Romi). We have grown up a lot in the last year, but now each team member is trying his own assets collection as well :).

I want to maintain Super Retro collections so I bought the content they created : Character pack, ARPG pack and Battler pack. I repackage and reupload them as I want to prevent them from being abandoned.

Have a good day !

You can visit Noiracide assets collection here : Bundle


Much appreciated!


(1 edit) (+1)

Hi there. Thanks for the assets. But I was wondering what's going on with the reupload warning you put up? Seems ominous.


Thank you :)

Those assets were initialy made by my friend, Noiracide. I bought those recently to maintain updates as he has to work on his own asset collection now :)


That makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up. :D