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Are there any 48x48 version of this bundle? I bought it without realizing it was 16x16 and I'm trying to not feel totally dumb.

Hello skullr34p3r !

48x48 version of these assets (ARPG pack) is available in the package\rpgmaker\MZ\characters folder. Is it enough or do you need something else :) ?

You are amazing, I'm all set.  Thank you.


I own and love all the retro world assets! I would love to see some rimworld/prisonarcitect like building walls in this style!

Thanks MimiKitty :) !

What kind of building do you specifically need ?

I used one of the interior tiles to make one last night! check it out 

above is them in use

above is the minimum needed tile needed for this asset to create the entire rule tile set. this asset is amazing!

which creates all the tiles using data from the 2nd image to creat the entire set!

but yeah, was looking for walls to make rimworld/prison architect like "build in the world" walls, like these
RimWorld review | PC Gamer

I remember seeing a few of the Super Retro World sprites a few months ago and was surprised by the quality.

And with THAT pack, I truly believe that you might have one of the highest quality & complete game-ready assets, which is nothing to sneeze at, around here. And by adding on top that the License they're under, I am genuinely impressed.

Haha, thank you ! It's a long journey 😅

Thank you for the update, looks really good!
Was a little disappointed back when I bought it and it didn't recieve any updates, now I'm glad I'd bought it.

Thank you, wallchicken !

I 'm sure you'll be able to build a nice game with those assets :)


Hey, where can I find those monster sprites in your screenshots? I purchased/downloaded all of your packs but I cannot find the one where those are located.

Those guys are in this current pack ("action rpg") in the monsters_01 and monsters_02 files :)

There are a lot of files going on : I'll arrange that soon

I have now updated the pack with a specific folder for monsters :)

Holy cow, amazing work dude! Those are some insane amount of sprites! :o

Thanks ! over 6000 files yeah lol

The packaging process is scripted so it's not THAT much work :)


Another question, do you think it could possible to mix shield and weapon ?

Ok ! Gimme a few days

I have now updated the pack with weapon + shield mix. Now that's a lot of sheets lol

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You are really good ! Thanks a lot, I'll give it a try

BTW it's not a few days :)


Great work, I was waiting for this, thanks a lot! 

Do you think you can export only one character per spritesheet maybe ?

I'll do it today, no problemo !

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I have now updated the pack : character are also provided in one by one sheets :)

It's in the :

Thank you 100 times for this

I took a look at folder spritesheets_4x2 

The first character seems to be split between the two files srw_arpg_0 and srw_arpg_1, is it correct ?

That's tru but you'll also find more variation futher (srw_argp_44.png for example). Tbh, that's not organised by character, but by weapon (slash attack, then sword, spears, ...) ^^'.

It's a bit confusing and maybe difficult to find all of the variation for a same character. Gimme a sec I'll arrange that into subfolders.

That would be awesome because I manage sprite sheets from code, and I load the necessary file for each character

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Great work, as always! It's just the right thing I needed at just the right time. Thanks a lot for all your hard work!

Thank you, jinna12 !


I have been making a video game with all of your sprites, and I was really looking for a way to either edit or update the sprites for them to have an attack animation! I'm really happy that you came out with these!


Thank you, EO Comics :) !

I'm gonna work on more monsters sprites in the coming days. Don't hesitate to share your project !

Sure thing

Here's the link to the first iteration. I'm currently working on improving this now.


Working on more Monsters, thank you for you patience :)

Are you working on a UI system by any chance ? inventory, menu, ... :)

PS: I don't remember if I already asked the question

Will do, but first it's a farming pack :)

Nice ! My adventure is getting bigger and bigger :)