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2 questions:

why does the free version has 10 MB and the full version 633 KB?

also are there any compatible animated animals available to go with super retro world? Im specifically looking for chicken, pigs and cows of course to go with farming...

thanks in advance

Hey TrueMOD :)

Free version is heavier since it embeds all of the files but with additionnal scanlines. This is to show the full content at 0 cost.

There are no animals yet but it's on my todo list. If you have still some interest for the package rn, I can send you a dl key (mail me a pixelart<dot>asset<at>gmail<dot>com)

Have a good day !

Yo bro, dont know if thats too smart. I mean a lot of people might not be bothered by scanlines :P anyway its really kind of you offering me a download key but I really dont mind paying. The art you create is totally worth it but I really need some matching animated cows and pigs. Working on a little endless runner with a cow and pig theme for my company...Im all set up but Im just not good at pixel arts. I really like your style so I just wanted to ask if you have something available since I was digging through all your assets here and couldnt find anything. Thanks anyway :D

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Can you list me all animations you need (for cow, pig, chicken) ? Walk, run, eat, sleep ? Good luck for your project, mate !

Super pack as always! I had a little idea while going through your amazing creations. How about adding some Character Tiles with Pickaxe and Mining Animations, along with an Axe and Wood Cutting Animations? I think it would make your pack even more versatile and exciting! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Omg great idea !

is credit required or optional?

i think its optional but it would be better to give credit

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I'd like you to give credit (it's required), yeah. My bad if is wasn't clear in the first place :)

I'll edit the web pages in July with that in mind.

Hey, love your work! Any plans on doing animal sprites - farm animals or otherwise? I'd purchase both :)

Hello! I love this pack so much! I just have a curiosity...will there be options for addtional sprite characters in the future? There are so many different characters in the character pack but only one or two options for the farming actions. 

Hello ShawnAlex13 !

Well, it wasn't plan in the first place to be honest. If I find some time I'll add it to my todo list :)

Oh awesome! I will keep a look out :) 

Hello. Very nice asset.

I am trying to make an nsfw game.

Is it ok if I use your assets?

yeah go on 👍

Thanks for the reply!

Hello! I bought the whole Super Retro World complete collection recently but before the farming pack was released, and so I have all of the packs except for this one. Is there any way I can get this as a part of bundle or will new releases not be added?


Yeah no problem liijyp, just send me a mail at pixelart.asset(A)gmail(doot)com 🫡

Awesome, thank you so much for replying! I will send the email with the same linked to my account so hopefully it is visible to you my previous purchase. Thank you!

Hi, I send you an email regarding this same issue ^^ 

Hi Gif, I just bought the complete pack in the asset store and I am delighted with your work but I am not able to find in this pack either the sack shown in the image of the farm, or the sticker where the pumpkin is placed on the poster. I have looked in all the atlas files but I don't see it. I also think that in the third image there is a crop on a kind of puddle of water, I am not able to find it either. Thanks for your time.

Hello RpgItch,

The assets you are lokking for are here :) :

Hello, I just sent you an email with the legacy_atlas and original_atlas of version 2.4.0 of unity. It does not match me with that image, maybe they have been downloaded wrong or they are in another position. Thanks for your quick response.

Unity pack as been updated accordingly since ☺️👍

Hi there, great asset first of all! I noticed in the sample pictures you have grass to dirt autotiles, dirt to plowed dirt autotiles, and plowed dirt to watered dirt autotiles.  But looking through the (non-free) asset, I do not see the watered dirt autotiles anywhere?  Can you help me find this, maybe give me a filename or check the asset for inclusion?  Thanks!

Hey mate,

I'll check that this weekend :) thanks for your support !

Hey mate, fix has been made and will be shipped for updates v18. If you can't wait for that update, here is the autotile file (rpg maker mv/mz) :

Hi there, I am not able to find the wet ground tile either. Thanks!

Hello RpgItch,

The terrain you mention is just a recoloration of the grass texture (from green to brown). To make it usable for everyone, I'm making  this terrain :

Do you think it's ok for you ? It will be available tonight.

Yessss, thank you very much artist!!

I've downloaded the free version and I noticed that a lot of sprites inside are old stuff of yours (without even mentioning it). What's the point of rycling the sprites? Just for increasing the tiles count? For example, why should I need a recycled firecamp in the farm pack? 
And why don't you show the animated sprites since it's usually a selling point?

Hello Breloom :)

Common animated sprites and/or terrain tiles is my take to allow users to have more content with only one pack. The resulting duplication accross the collection is compensate with bundles prices. Moreover, tile count is only the atlas size, so it doesn't take animated sprites frames into account.

Good idea to show the animated crops, I'll work on that !

PS : I like this fire camp so I put it everywhere haha

Wow that Breloom is so cool!
Ok, I got it, but... it's not specified anywhere, so it looks like there are 400 new tiles in the pack and it doesn't (for now) look so. Sorry for looking so pushy, just want to make it clear for me ^^

And it would be cool to see an animated scene with the firecamp and the characters, but I have a question: why only three frames for the characters and the firecamp? The limit for RPG maker is 4, if I remember correctly, and it's pretty easy for a developer to use them inside the engine. 
Thanks in advance for your answers : )

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Yeah I understand your point. It's always a bit difficult to measure the volume of an assets pack without falling into detailled number hell. I can always stop showing this metric, but it will probably require something else instead, like more screenshots. I'll think about it !

Unfortunately, limit for RPG Maker (VX, MV and MZ) character files is 3 frames :(

PS : here are all of the Pokemon commissions I've ordered to support pixelartists : Pixelartists support -

Well, just specifying the old stuff in the new pack would be nice :9 not to be too critical, just to be sure that no one got a false impression : )

Mmm ok, but that's it? I mean, you could have done 21 frames for the walking animation and then making a folder with only the frames needed just for RPG maker. That would be beneficial for the developers that use a different engine. Kinda sucks to have 3 frames when you use Unity or Godot : \

Oh and another thing: the last update maybe got a little bit screwed up and the doors are not compatibile with the house


I'll see what I can do during Xmas holidays as I'm running out of time right now to work on assets. But to be clear, I do like 3 frames animations for 16x16 tile size as it reminds me of old school games. It's part of the style.

Regarding the door issue, the available house only work with the red door for now 😅

Wow very nice art style love it! Will there also be different kinds of animals in the future?

Yes, next pack in a few weeks ☺️👍

Okay cool!!

Hi Gif! I want to buy the assets bundle in unity and I really like this asset. So, will this asset be avaliable in the assets bundle in unity?

It will, probably end of the week ☺️

I love this! How many different crops are there on the full pack?

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Hello ahoba :)

I have updated the "content" section with the following :

  • Farming environments for your RPG games 
  • Tiles count : ~400(16x16)
  • Animated crops : tomato (with variations), pepper, pumpkin, radish, wheat, carrot, high grass.
  • Characters : male & female (w/o hat)
  • Character animation (4 directions, 3 frames) : idle, walk, shovel, hoe, watering
  • Autotiles animated water + waterfall + roads and terrain (24 autotiles, 2x2 Godot format)
  • Animated chests, doors, campfire
  • Divers icons
  • Tilesets ready for RPG Maker

Weekly updates are coming, any desire ?

Hey Gif, thank you so much for the answer!

I am working on a game that needs as much crop variety as possible, so any additional crop is very welcome.

Do you plan on increasing the amount of different crops on future updates?

Absolutely, on a weekly basic I hope for now :)

Any suggestion ?

Awesome, just bought the pack, anxious for your next updates!

Here are some of the crops I've been looking for, hopefully you can include a few on future updates:

Beetroot, Onion, Potato, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Strawberry, Grapes, Blueberries, Watermelon, Garlic, Eggplant, Radish, Turnip

Thank you Gif :)

Thanks !

Okidac I'm taking that into account and will start to work on it this weekend


Hello ahoba :)

Updates are on the way. This package will be feed 3 times a week until all crops are done !

Hi Gif!I love this pack! Will this be available in Unity?

Hi Xiong-yp !

Yes it will, in the next update (problably by the end of the week) 👍

Hi Gif! I love this pack! I bought your complete collection two days ago, but I cant see this pack in my collection. Does this mean I have to buy this seperately? 

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Hey Afsan ! Oh, it seems like you miss this launch indeed. 

I believe you can't access it since you've bought the complete bundle before this launch + this current pack has free and additionnal paid content. That's how itchio works I think.

Don't worry tho I'm launching a nice sale for a week so everyone can get the pack easily 👍 Is it ok for you ?


Great addition to the collection!

I can already see ways how i might use this in my game ^^


Thanks Chaokai !

I'll make more, for sure.


excited for what this has to offer



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Farm assets were lacking in this collection. I'll keep on going with farming animals and more in my next pack :)