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Hi Gif, absolutely fantastic set - finding a good oldschool battler pack has been such a challenge! Very excited to use these assets. Is there any plan(s) to add more monsters/scenes in a new set? I'd be super keen to get some new battle backgrounds 

Hey Kyle :)

Thank you ! Well I'm not planning to expand this package right now but I can always add new background to my todo list !

That would be amazing! I'd be really keen to see mountainous/underground environments, perhaps rivers, beaches, etc, but of course that's all up to you! Any new battler backgrounds would likely be an instant-purchase from me.

Thanks for getting back to me, keep up the excellent work!

Hi Gif, just purcheased the "All in One" bundle, I love your work and definitly want to use it in my project. 
However, in the "Includes the following items" it says that the "Front battle pack" and "A-RPG pack" are included, but after paying it doesn't let me download those, and says i have to pay.

What's wrong, or: what am I misunderstanding?

Nevermind, found the issue: after the purchase the link from this page does not work, but I can download the missing packs from the purchase-confirmation e-mail.

oh okidac, I'm glad.

Sorry I didnt reply earlier during holidays


This asset pack is increidble! I bought the bundle with everything and I was wondering if you could add animations for the enemies outside battles, just like the characters do. I think that would be so cool to add as an update.

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Thanks :), yes that's the plan !

Amazing! Can't wait for the results!

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Those assets were initialy made by my friend, TheRoro (a year ago). I bought the rights recently to maintain updates as he doesn't want to continue + he has to work on his own assets collection now :).

Claim it, it's free !


Thank you thats very generous